Functions of the Commission

  1. Ensure effective coordination and management of the decentralized, multi sectoral national response to HIV
  2. Develop and implements a National Strategic Framework for planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating all HIV and AIDS programs through a multi sectoral approach;
  3. Mobilizes, expends, and coordinate resources through an efficient allocation system;
  4. Plays a lead advocacy role for the prevention and control of HIV and AIDS;
  5. Creates strategic linkages among national and international stakeholders in a coordinated response to HIV and AIDS;
  6. Collects, analyzes, disseminates, and shares information on HIV and AIDS and its consequences;
  7. Promulgate rules providing protocols for counseling, testing, caring, supporting, and treatment for all members of Most at Risk Populations;
  8. Promotes research, information sharing and documentation on HIV and AIDS prevention and control;
  9. Develops policies to respond to the HIV and AIDS pandemic and manage its impact in Liberia;
  10. Promotes positive living of people with HIV and AIDS;
  11. Protects communal rights of people infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS;
  12. Advises the government on all matters relating to the prevention and control of HIV and AIDS